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Low Carb + High Fat = Healthier You? Yes, According to These Authors

To my patients and readers of this blog, it comes as no surprise that I endorse a nutrient-dense, low carb, high(er) fat diet.  The ratios work out to 50-60% fat, 25-30% protein, and 15-25% carbohydrates.  My patients are eating healthy, (mostly) whole foods, doing a lot more of their own cooking, and reversing serious conditions … Read more

A Review of “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz

In her informative, extremely readable and often exasperating history of how saturated fat came to be demonized and shunted aside in favor of less healthy food choices, Nina Teicholz shows us how dietary orthodoxies are established and research is directed and interpreted to support the status quo, no matter how misguided and inaccurate.  Teicholz also … Read more

Stopping Emotional Eating: Some Ideas to Help

We all can and do use food to feel better — sometimes.  Food is  more than nutrition; it’s comfort, love, predictability, control.  When we use food to avoid dealing with our responsibilities, our feelings, our fears, we tend to overeat.  This overeating becomes a habit.  As with all habits, this one can be changed.  If … Read more

Living Well: Holiday Edition

Living Well with Dr. Goodman for December 18, 2015 News You Can Use to: Lose Weight, Feel Better and Stay Healthy In this Issue: Holiday Hours Food Collection for Bristol Pantry Guilt-Free Chocolate/Coconut/Almond Bars! Thank you Holiday Hours The office is open until noon Christmas Eve day.  We will reopen on January 4th.  We are still … Read more

Delicious Frozen Drinks for Summer

SUMMER YUMMY FROZEN CONCOCTIONS Many of you are enjoying the Pure Paleo chocolate protein powder in a shake with almond or coconut milk and olive oil. As the days stay hot, why not try a slushier version? Linda shared her recipes for delicious frozen versions: I will be trying these. Enjoy and thanks to Linda. … Read more

Orange Nose Day 2014

Orange Nose Day is an annual event dedicated to promoting health in the towns and cities observing it.  Kids wear something orange or paint their noses orange.  Events in schools and libraries are held to promote healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise and disease prevention. I was asked to participate by speaking separately to kids and … Read more