Weight Management
The Problem: Obesity and being overweight are on the rise in the US today. Easy access to large portions and less exercise both contribute to this epidemic. Medications to treat this problem are either unsuccessful or have too many side-effects. Bypass surgery is a last option, very expensive, potentially debilitating and with unknown long-term effects.

Dr. Goodman’s solution: A thorough health history, resting metabolic rate testing and establishing short and long-term goals.  A collaborative approach between you and the doctor to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward, even if it’s not a straight line!  Exercise is key to restoring and maintaining muscle mass and to truly feeling well.  We will develop an eating plan individualized for the your preferences and looking at your food sensitivities.  We will meet once a week in the beginning and no less often than once a month.

Diabetes Prevention and Management
The Problem: Diabetes is the single largest health challenge facing Americans today. Dietary and lifestyle changes are still the most sensible approach to preventing diabetes and treating it in its earliest stages. Once diabetes has advanced and blood sugar readings are consistently high, medication is needed. If nothing is done, poorly controlled diabetes damages the heart, eyes, nerves, blood vessels, and kidneys.

Dr. Goodman’s solution: Comprehensive blood tests show your risk for heart disease and how your blood sugar levels are being maintained before treatment is begun. A thorough dietary and exercise evaluation along with stress management suggestions is performed. Referrals to dietitians/nutritionists for detailed meal planning and supervision is often done. Acupuncture as an adjunct for weight loss is often performed.

Follow-up visits are scheduled intensively early on, usually involving six visits in the first two months then every three weeks to one month for the next four months. After six months, meetings are scheduled quarterly.