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The “Secret Sauce” of Exercise?

The “Secret Sauce” of Exercise? Have We Discovered the “Holy Grail” Of Hunger Hormones? We know that sometimes, after exercise, we feel hungry, while, at other times, we don’t want to eat. Why is that? A recent study, published in Nature magazine, offers one answer. Scientists tested multiple chemicals which were released in the bloodstreams of … Read more

What Supplements Should You Take During the Pandemic?

NOTE: This article is meant to enhance conventional medical recommendations, not replace them. Please always speak to your licensed physician for your health care. This article is not medical advice. In this newsletter, I will make some general recommendations for supplementation as prevention and as a potential addition to conventional treatments for Covid-19. For those looking … Read more

Quarantining Well: Tips to Stay Healthier and Happier

Optimizing Your Health While you are staying at home most of the time, most of you are going out to do shopping for essentials, getting gas, or picking up  a curbside meal delivery.  (Some of you are still going to work — medical workers, first responders, police, firefighters, food service and grocery workers, any others … Read more

Welcome to My Online Office

  Providing Safe Care During the Crisis   Hello to all who read this!  As we all know by now, we are in a pandemic the likes of which has not been seen since the Swine Flu of 1918.  As I write this, I have seen the news that Kurt Barwis, CEO of Bristol Health, … Read more

Is Floating For You? My Experience of an Hour in a Floatation Tank

Have You Floated? I had heard about the benefits of sensory deprivation and zero gravity environments.  I have experienced floating in the Dead Sea, and loved it.  I am a huge fan of the healing power of epsom salts, 1000 pounds of which are in each floatation tank. I had yet to try one of … Read more

Commonsense Suggestions for Preventing Airborne Viral Infections

Naturopathic (Commonsense) Suggestions for Preventing Viral Infections   We are well into cold and flu season, and are all aware of the Coronavirus outbreak.  While the CDC considers the risk to the general public low at this time,  travelers returning from Wubei province, where the virus originated, have been quarantined, and travelers returning to the US from China are … Read more

Can Light Therapy Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?

We are all familiar with the healing effects of light — especially this time of year, when we would prefer to have longer days with more sunlight.  Light triggers many healthy mechanisms in the body, including the production of active Vitamin D.   In the last fifty years, scientists have discovered other benefits of light … Read more

Allergy Season Tips

It’s fall (though it doesn’t feel like it as I type this–it’s 84 and humid!), time for mold and ragweed to wreak havoc on our immune systems. If you suffer at this time of year, here are some things you can do.   What is an Allergy?   Allergy symptoms come about from histamine being … Read more