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Beating Fatigue: Simple Solutions

Many of us feel tired a lot or even all the time. Do you wake up not feeling refreshed? Do you not have the stamina you used to or feel you should have? Do you get lightheaded or out of breath easily? You have likely mentioned this problem to your doctor and had it investigated. … Read more

Bringing Connecticut into the 21st Century!

I love practicing as a naturopathic physician. I value my training and my relationship with my patients. I respect my colleagues in the profession. Here in Connecticut, we NDs are practicing under an antiquated law that prevents us from prescribing any medications or injecting any substances (vitamins or minerals), from performing minor surgery and prescribing … Read more

New Services Offered: Home Sleep Testing, Indirect Calorimetry/Basal Metabolic Rate Testing, and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing

As a naturopathic physician, I practice much as a primary care doc would, doing physicals, ordering screening bloodwork and other tests, and generally practicing preventive medicine.  My treatments may be different, but my diagnostic approach is fairly conventional, if more exhaustive! As part of this role, and to make my office more comprehensive in its … Read more

Natural Approaches to Cold and Flu

Keep yourself and your family’s immune system strong through the winter Full disclosure:  I am not a doctrinaire anti-vaccine guy (doctor).  My daughter has received most of the common vaccines, although in a staggered, sometimes delayed, and a la carte way, and is as healthy as can be!  Having said that, I certainly support my … Read more