New Services Offered: Home Sleep Testing, Indirect Calorimetry/Basal Metabolic Rate Testing, and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing

As a naturopathic physician, I practice much as a primary care doc would, doing physicals, ordering screening bloodwork and other tests, and generally practicing preventive medicine.  My treatments may be different, but my diagnostic approach is fairly conventional, if more exhaustive!

As part of this role, and to make my office more comprehensive in its offerings, I have decided to expand my menu of testing to include three very important and exciting tests which will be available through the office:  Home Sleep Testing, Indirect Calorimetry/Basal Metabolic Rate Testing, and Autonomic Nervous System Testing/Critical Care Assessment

Home Sleep Testing

Sleep apnea and disordered sleep is a huge and still largely underdiagnosed problem.  More than 80% of those affected remain undiagnosed and untreated.  Patients with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart failure are especially at risk.  I have seen many patients with high blood pressure of no known cause get better once apnea was diagnosed and treated. Fatigue, fibromyalgia, memory impairment, and depression could all be symptoms of disordered sleep.

Home Sleep Testing (HST) is a convenient, accurate way to test for sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea occurs with aging and physical conditions that obstruct the airway including obesity and sinus problems.  Respiratory diseases such as COPD may result in disordered breathing during sleep, not sleep apnea but still a serious problem.

If you decide to have this test done (and/or Dr. Goodman recommends it), you will answer a few screening questions, sign a waiver form then take the kit home with you.  Instructions are included.  The next day you will return the kit to Dr. Goodman and your results will be uploaded to a computer and a report generated.  Based on your results, Dr. Goodman may prescribe a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device and mask to treat your apnea, refer you to a sleep specialist for further evaluation, or do nothing if your results are normal.

Insurances that cover this testing include Anthem BCBS, Aetna and Cigna.  CPAP equipment is covered by all insurances.

Indirect Calorimetry/Basal Metabolic Rate Testing

We’re all struggling to either lose weight or stay at our current weight.  Stress, poor (and tempting) food choices, lack of exercise and other factors conspire to keep us from our weight goals.  If our metabolism is slow, we will struggle more than we have to.  Calorimetry allows us to know our metabolic rate, telling us how many calories we burn at rest.  Armed with this knowledge, we can figure out how much we should eat and how much exercise we need.  A simple 10 minute test determines how much oxygen your body consumes, determining your resting energy expenditure (REE), or basal metabolic rate.  A printout helps show how much you need to exercise and can eat to help reach your goals.

Insurance reimburses for this procedure done four times a year, so we can see how exercise, dietary and medication/supplement use are affecting your metabolism.  

Autonomic Nervous System/Critical Care Assessment

This is a 20 minute test that will determine your risk for: silent heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetic nerve damage (neuropathy), cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN), vascular abnormalities, dizziness when you stand up, fainting, exercise intolerance, and a bunch of other hidden diseases and conditions.

Why should I do this test?

Cardiac autonomic neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetes and can cause arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death.  The other conditions mentioned are serious and potentially life-threatening.  By doing this test you get ahead of the curve and put yourself in position to prevent more serious problems down the road.

Does insurance cover this?  Anthem BCBS, Aetna and Cigna reimburse Dr. Goodman for this.


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