drgoodmanA naturopathic physician, lecturer, teacher, industry leader and author, Dr. Jonathan Goodman pursued his medical training at the renowned Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in Seattle, receiving his Doctorate in 1999. He completed his residency at Griffin Hospital’s Integrative Medicine Center, where conventional and holistic doctors collaborate in patient care.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Goodman has been an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he taught Gastroenterology and Oncology to medical students for seven years. He is also the author of The Omega Solution, an easy to understand guide to the health benefits of essential fatty acids, one of the hottest areas in natural medicine.

Dr. Goodman was appointed by Governor M. Jodi Rell to serve on the Connecticut State Board of Naturopathic Examiners, overseeing his colleagues in the profession. Dr. Goodman serves as vice president of the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association.

Lose Weight, Feel Better, Stay Healthy:


Dr. Goodman specializes in providing weight loss solutions for his patients, focusing on the individual:  his or her  metabolism, food sensitivities, life circumstances, and obstacles such as addiction or dependence on food or other  substances.  By focusing on the solution, not the problem, Dr. Goodman empowers his patients to little by little  change and become healthier.  By knowing they can change and control their weight, Dr. Goodman’s patients feel  better and go on to stay healthy.

losing-weight-8247146Nobody loses weight in a straight line — we all slip up — the trick is to get back on  track as quickly as possible, forgive ourselves and press ahead.    Follow his Blog for useful information on weight loss and health.

Dr. Goodman is a devoted  father and lives in central Connecticut.