From custom diet plans to state-of-the-art professional supplements, Dr. Goodman uses nutrition to support your body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Food allergies and nutritional deficiencies are evaluated to support your diet plan. Detox programs are available, as appropriate.

Herbal Medicine
A renewable healing resource as old as time and as new as the newest technology, herbal medicine, whether delivered in teas, capsules or liquid tinctures, can profoundly heal the most challenging conditions.

Naturopathic Physical Medicine
Dr. Goodman practices Craniosacral Therapy an effective but gentle modality useful for treating headaches and neurological conditions. We also perform Naturopathic Manipulation, a form of spinal manipulation that can relieve low-back pain and other symptoms of misalignment.

A very useful treatment for smoking cessation, weight loss, chronic pain and migraine headache. Covered by some insurances. Call the office for details.

A gentle, individualized system of medicine that employs highly diluted substances based on a detailed interview, or case-taking. Generally free of side-effects, homeopathy is particularly effective for mental and emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Also very effective for kids. Click here for Dr. Goodman’s solutions.