Bringing Connecticut into the 21st Century!

I love practicing as a naturopathic physician. I value my training and my relationship with my patients. I respect my colleagues in the profession. Here in Connecticut, we NDs are practicing under an antiquated law that prevents us from prescribing any medications or injecting any substances (vitamins or minerals), from performing minor surgery and prescribing oxygen and other medical equipment. In many other states, NDs practice as primary care doctors, providing comprehensive care for their patients. We in Connecticut are poised to update our practice law and bring it into the present day. But we need your help. If you want your ND to be able to offer antibiotics for strep throat or an ear infection or prescribed hormone therapy for thyroid or birth control, or to be able to administer B12 injection, please support this effort.

How Can You Help

  • Make your voice heard. Contact your legislator – let him/her know you support increased practice scope for naturopathic physicians in CT!

    Senator Jason Welch – [email protected]
    Rep. Whit Betts — [email protected]

    Please contact your local legislator in your home area. Thank you!

  • Please contribute to the legislative fund. Getting the law changed takes $$. I am personally contributing to this effort and I ask those who feel so inclined to give whatever amount you can. Remember the benefit to you: future visits to Dr. Goodman can be more comprehensive and spare you a separate appointment just to get a prescription filled or an injection done. Here’s a link to our association’s website with Paypal giving options. Scroll to the bottom of the page after following the link:
  • Another way to donate is to send a check to my (Bristol) office. Please make it payable to:

CNPA Legislative Fund
c/o Dr. Shawn Carney
Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC
124 Carol Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810


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  1. All patients and supporters of Naturopathic Medicine:

    I would like at least 5 people to come to Hartford Friday starting at 9:00 to speak to their legislators in support of our bill. For details and to commit to coming, please contact our lobbyist, Linda Kowalski, at [email protected]

    Thank you!

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