Beating Fatigue: Simple Solutions

Many of us feel tired a lot or even all the time. Do you wake up not feeling refreshed? Do you not have the stamina you used to or feel you should have? Do you get lightheaded or out of breath easily?

You have likely mentioned this problem to your doctor and had it investigated. If a solution has not been found, some simple explanations may have been overlooked.

Sleep Apnea: this common condition can lead to severe fatigue and put you at risk for falling asleep at the wheel. A simple home test can rule out sleep apnea or suggest an overnight sleep test at a lab.

Anemia: mild iron or B12 deficiency can have surprisingly profound effects on energy. More detailed iron and B12 testing can reveal a deficiency where conventional tests such as complete blood count (CBC) have not.

Low thyroid: an underactive thyroid can make you feel depressed, sluggish, and lead to weight gain. Have a thorough set of TFTs, or thyroid function tests, including TSH, Free T4 and T3.

Here’s to more energy!