Time Mag Article on Whether Paleo Diet Keeps Appetite in Check

The latest issue of Time has an article which asks if the Paleo Diet helps you lose weight.   The skepticism derives from a study which took fecal samples (yes, that’s right) from humans and baboons and watched whether grass or potato (forbidden on paleo) produced more appetite suppressing hormones.  The potato won out, which proves…..what?  Not much, but it might sell magazines.  In vitro studies like this one don’t prove much in the real world.   A study which replaced grass with potato, calorie for calorie in a paleo diet in real people would be more relevant.  Anyway, the author’s conclusion is pretty sensible:  more soluble fiber, the type found in nuts and seeds, fruit, cucumbers, celery and carrots works the best to keep us satisfied.

Let me know what you think of the article and if you’re following a Paleo (or mostly Paleo) diet what’s keeping you from starving. I’m just a week in to a mostly Paleo diet after my month on the Ideal Protein plan and I’m keeping my weight stable but am hungry a lot.

4 thoughts on “Time Mag Article on Whether Paleo Diet Keeps Appetite in Check”

  1. I was very hungry when I first started the paleo diet. I suspect it was because the carbs? From grains do something to sate the appetite…but that is speculation. Or maybe it is the addictive factor of carbs on the brain? At any rate I do not have the raving hunger I experienced for the first month. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Jan! It’s the adjustment to no or low carbs in the diet. We need to start making sugar from fat, or ketosis. Once this process is in place, which can take a few days, we start to feel less hungry. The idea is to eat as much as you want of the foods you can so you get through this.

  3. After one year on paleo my hdl went from 30 to 50, my triglycerides from 255 to 109. Blood pressure from 166-95 to 130/75.
    I don’t monitor much, just eat clean, plenty of good fat, moderate protein, and low carbs. Pretty easy to do. When I am just about full, I stop eating.
    Hungry in the morning? Bullet proof coffee keeps me satisfied until lunch, no problem.
    Good luck!

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