“Always Hungry” Points to Role of Insulin in Keeping us Fat



An article in the Sunday New York Times by two obesity researchers makes the simple point that simply cutting calories won’t work for most of us — in order to lose weight over the long haul, we have to cut carbs.  Insulin, produced in response to carbohydrate intake, is the big culprit in leading to more fat being deposited in our bodies.  This fat stores calories, keeping available calories from satisfying our bodies’ needs, keeping us hungry and eating more.  It’s a vicious cycle, and the authors suggest we have to take out the snacks, pastries and other sweet foods so we can stop the merry go round and start to lose weight and feel satisfied on less.

I don’t disagree with the author’s premise, though I believe not everyone responds the same way to carbs and so not everyone needs to wipe them out to lose weight.

What do you think?