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Stop thinking you can lose all the weight in one month You didn’t gain it overnight. I know that eating a Big Mac and Filet o Fish with a large fry and a Large vanilla shake for dinner on a regular basis shouldn’t have been my meal of choice but I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was until I couldn’t walk up the stairs in my home without having to catch my breath. I heard an interview with Dr. Goodman and I just had to make an appointment.

Make a lifestyle change with Dr. Goodman guiding you on a path to a healthier better you. I’ve been seeing him for 8 weeks and I’ve lost 23 pounds. I’m not starving and I’m happy while doing it. I’ve been on every diet you can think of and I was never happy….until NOW.

Dr. Goodman listens to you, he cares. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Dr. that really took time to listen to my concerns.

I travel 45 minutes to see him and it is well worth it. I’ve got a long road ahead of me but this time I’m going to reach my goal. Dr. Goodman will be there every step of the way cheering me on.

Call him, email him, it’s the first and last step you’ll have to make alone.

~ Elizabeth J

Thanks to Dr. Goodman, I have been able to change my way of eating and my perspective on food and nutrition in a radical but practical way.  The clarity of his direction and the personal conviction behind his philosophy and practice lend him an authentic authority not often found in people in his field.  I have lost 20 pounds in 4 months and over 4 percent body fat without additional stress in my life and this is mostly thanks to Dr. Goodman’s encouragement and clear direction.

~ Brian C.

In three months working with Dr. Goodman, I have lost 32 lbs.  As a result of this, I can get off the Metformin medication I have been taking for diabetes.  I have dropped 2 dress sizes and have never felt better.

Dr Goodman has been incredibly supportive on this entire journey.   I could not have done this without him.

~ Sandy

Since seeing Dr. Goodman,  I have not only lost 36 lbs. but have lowered my sugar number by half, was on blood pressure medication, and without the medication my last reading was 105/75.  No signs of sleep apnea (no snoring and off the cpap machine), more energy and less joint pain!  His plan really works!

~ Dean K.

Dr. Goodman has made a tremendous positive impact on my life in a short period of time. First of all he talks to you and not down to you. He takes time with you to explain everything, allows you to ask questions, and then actually answers your questions. His methods work. Prior to seeing him, I would wake up achy every day and it would take me about 10 – 15mins to get moving without the aches. Now, I do not wake up achy. My energy levels remain constant all day, without all the ebbs and flows I used to experience before. He is straight forward and to the point about what needs to be done, and for me, that is exactly what I need. I have lost 4 pounds in 2-weeks, right on track! He doesn’t give you a diet or menu to follow. Rather, he puts tools in your hands with guidelines and all you have to do is follow the guidelines. I am not hungry at all during the day. Our goal, and I say our, as I feel he is just as committed to my wellbeing as I am, which is very refreshing from previous healthcare professionals, is to get me off of my Rxs. I am quite confident we will attain this goal. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman to anyone interested in taking control of their own health in a proactive rather than reactive medication way.

~ Edmund L.

I’ve been going to Dr. Goodman since I moved to Bristol in 2005. I
had been fed up not getting answers by my GP and other physicians. Dr.
Goodman helped me put the pieces together and continues to support me
and my new-found healthy way of life.

Along with a genuine concern and sincerity, he is incredibly likable
and easy-going which always puts me at ease regardless of what is
going on. He is always open to learning and honing his skills and has
a wonderful way of relaying all the valuable information he obtains to
educate his clients.

The combination of Dr. Goodman’s demeanor and expertise is a perfect
balance and why I continue to see him after all these years.

~ Michele J.

I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Goodman, which is tough to say
about going to the doctor.  He really took an interest in my issues and needs.

I was having an issue with being tired in the middle of the day. Dr.
Goodman suggested blood testing to see if there were any deficiencies
that might be causing it.

Upon finding such deficiencies, he suggested I use a couple of
supplements. After about a week on the supplements, I have been
feeling much better!

~ Tal S.

I was previously seeking Naturopathic care from a large practice. Three ND’s left this practice in the course of 3 years. It was disappointing to constantly be changing ND’s, knowing that the premise of alternative care is to know the whole person. I constantly had to repeat my history. I was reassured to see that Dr. Goodman has been practicing for well over 10 years. A consistent provider is so important!

I sought Dr. Goodman’s medical attention for muscle spasm/tension, food addiction, and fatigue. He ordered lab work and reviewed my history. He suggested acupuncture for the muscle tension (as well as food addiction). I experienced instant relief. Again, I was grateful that I didn’t have to wait until the follow-up appointments to discuss treatment.

In addition to his convenient location, Dr. Goodman is personable and attentive. His sense of humor brightens the visit and his medical knowledge keeps the discussion productive.

 ~ Sarah D.

Dr. Goodman spoke with my son at length about what was going on. My son sees a therapist on a regular basis but a visit with Dr. Goodman was suggested, glad it was.  Dr. Goodman suggested a nutritional supplement to help block my son’s anxiety and so far, so good. Thanks Dr. Goodman.

~ Larry A.

I like the way Dr. Goodman listens to you. He also found out that I have some food allergies.  Since I found out about my food allergies and not eating the wrong food I do feel so much better. I have not been to the rheumatologist since I started seeing you and I don’t intend to go back to him. Plus I am not taking any of the meds he put me on. I do believe your health depends on what you eat and I was eating foods I was allergic to. I called Dr. Goodman with unbearable knee pain. He suggested acupuncture may give me some relief. I hobbled into his office with a cane and after the acupuncture left with no cane. Today is day two and still walking with no cane. My co-workers could not believe it! Can’t wait for the next treatment… THANKS Dr. Goodman for all your help!!!!!

~ Carol P.

Doctor Goodman takes the time to ask questions about my diet, what laboratory tests I have done, and others… Dr. Goodman knew I had a sister with many food allergies and recommended I eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar and other foods from my diet for three weeks. I felt 100% better after two weeks! My pain is still gone a month later and I am starting to reintroduce some of the foods by rotating them in to my diet. Thank you Dr. Goodman! You are the best!

~ Sharon H.

Dr. Goodman is so easy to talk with.  I don’t feel rushed as with my other doctors.  He was able to get right to appropriate and effective treatment for me. I feel so hopeful about my health now.

~ Josephine L.

I felt very comfortable and at ease with Dr. Goodman…it was refreshing to actually interact with him (he has an awesome sense of humor)  …I was accustomed to being treated in  an environment which always felt somewhat robotic in nature as well as impersonal…I felt that the entire “mood” of his office set the stage to bring me into total relaxation.  I actually felt that I was allowed to participate in my own treatment…which in turn allowed me to relax and  focus on my health instead of counting the moments till I could run out the door. Dr. Goodman not only preserved my health…but created such a trust level with me that I was able to confide in him about areas of my life that were producing the stress that was sending my blood pressure into dangerous numbers.  Dr. Goodman went to bat for me and turned a situation around for me that resulted in saving my sanity as well as ultimately my life…and I am FOREVER grateful to him! I feel confident about my Doctor now as well as my health.

~ Trish C.