Tick Prevention Tips


Most of us have heard that a tick apocalypse is here.  We have also seen that ticks are transmitting diseases other than lyme, including relapsing fever, babesiosis, and Powassan virus.  I am still planning to go outside, ride my bike, plant my vegetable garden, and do an occasional hike.  I will be careful and take intelligent precautions. Let me share some with you. Note:  permethrin, included in several of the items listed below, is toxic to cats.  If yours goes outside, avoid Permacell.
  • Get rid of leaves from the winter
  • Keep grass mowed
  • Place a foot’s width of mulch near the tree line or around trees on your property
  • Have your property sprayed
  • Place “tick tubes” such as Permacell at your property’s perimeter
  • Wear tick-proof clothing
  • Spray yourself with permethrin or,  if you prefer,  a less toxic alternative.
  • Tuck in shirts and tuck pants into white socks
  • Protect pets– Frontline and/or collars and sprays
  • Get  Guinea Hens
Get more informed:  Tickencounter.org from URI and CT Tick Management Handbook will tell you just about all you need to know.