CT NDs Need Your Help

CT NDs Need Your Help:  Please Contact Your Legislator(s)! Hearing is Monday March 20th


“Anything worth having is worth fighting for”.  That’s certainly the case with the long-overdue revision in the practice law for NDs in Connecticut.  Thanks in no small part to the support of our patients, family and friends, we NDs continue to make progress toward our legislative goal.  Last year’s effort culminated with a series of meetings in Hartford with MDs, APRNs, DOs and the Department of Public Health.  We hope to build on this progress with successful passage of legislation that will allow NDs to have limited prescritive rights:  antibiotics, hormones and other medications that a primary care provider offers.


We need YOU to let your representative on the Public Health Committee know that you support this effort.  Please follow this link and submit the form.  I will be following up after our hearing next Monday. THANK YOU in advance for your support.