Surviving the Fourth: Some Advice for You


I want to wish everyone a happy and (reasonably) healthy fourth of July

Here are some suggestions to get through with minimal damage:

1. Have a strategy going in. Decide what you’re going to eat. Write it down and refer to it, since most of us “forget” what we committed to. For more info, see Mark Sisson’s excellent article on Precommitment
2. Go Bunless: Hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese, condiments, all ok. Have one bun max. Carbs in those are super high (22-38 grams)
3. Bring your own dessert: fruit with whole milk yogurt, dark chocolate, your own baked item, a fat bomb (dark chocolate avocado fudge bites, anyone?)












Or for Red White and Blue deliciousness:low-carb-mascarpone-cream-berries-recipe


Mascarpone, Blueberries and Strawberries.

4. Easy on the alcohol
5. Show up NOT starving. Eat something filling just before. A handful of nuts, a teaspoon of almond butter, some cheese. Your eyes will get smaller when you see food.
6. Drink water — it’s hot so you should anyway. Seltzer, Bai 5, Sobe Lifewater are all great choices.
7. Enjoy your friends and focus on them. You may not be eating what you want to, but you can still enjoy yourself!
8. Let me know how it went. I appreciate feedback. Message me here, via my fitness pal or send me an email.
9. Good luck.