Your Help is Needed — Support CT NDs as we Seek to Update Our Practice Law

My Urgent Appeal to You: Support Naturopathic Medicine!

Where We Stand

Last year the State Legislature passed and the governor signed a Naturopathic practice law with updated language, replacing an archaic document from the 1920s.  While an improvement, this step represents only the beginning of a much-needed and long-overdue adjustment of Connecticut’s practice law for Naturopathic Physicians (NDs).

In states such as Vermont, NDs practice as primary care doctors, with the ability to do injections, perform minor surgery, and to prescribe medicines.  While some of you may not think of me as your primary care doctor, many have sought me out to fill this role, and I have had to regretfully decline.

If you are a happy consumer of naturopathic medicine and wish to see me and my colleagues here in Connecticut utilize the full scope of our training, please support passage of an updated Scope of Practice law. Right now, as you read this blog entry, the Public Health Committee is deciding whether to pass a bill to be voted on by the legislature.  In two weeks, the window to present a bill for debate will have closed.  It is crucial that something come out of committee in this time, so that we don’t let this year go by without making progress.



A Call to Action:  What you Can Do

 1.  Get familiar with what we’re doing

I’ve attached an Executive Summary which makes the case for an updated law.  The University of Bridgeport is a big piece of the picture, as its ND program’s growth is slowed due to Connecticut’s restrictive practice law.

2.  Contact your representative

Attached is a list of public health committee members . Also attached is a suggested script for an email or phone call (go to the second page, for patients).   In addition, a general overview of how to speak to a legislator is here.

3.  Support our lobbying effort

Changing laws takes effort and money.  If you can, please contribute any amount you can.  Here is a form which shows you how.

Thank you


I love what I do.  I couldn’t do it without you, and I am asking for your support.  One day in the not-too-distant future, you will be able to come to my office and those of my colleagues for the full spectrum of medical care, for both supplements and prescription medication, for B12 shots, vaccinations (your choice!) and much more.  If that vision appeals to you, join me in changing the law.  Together we can do it!



Until next time, be well.

Dr. Goodman 

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